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Once you have created your founding Monarch in CAS, you can give them the 'Monarch' trait.
They can then bestow titles to the other important sims in their lives by clicking on them and navigating to the 'titles' pie menu.
Royal Advisor
Your Monarchs will need a Royal Advisor to help them with a variety of tasks. They can give a specific sim the role through the titles pie menu.
Be Adored or Despised
Based on your Monarchs interactions with their world, they have the chance to become either a Beloved Royal or Despised Tyrant! Sims around them will either love being around them or absolutely hate it. Don't raise those taxes too high! This uses the Get Famous reputation system. 
Change-able & Customizable Titles
You can choose what title appears above your Royal and Noble sims heads with the [LN] Book of Bestowing Titles object. 
You can find a tutorial on how to edit the customizable titles here.
Crown Royals can be announced as heir! Have your Monarch click on them and under the titles pie menu you will find the option to do this. (Currently being reworked. To make your heirs inherit the throne, have them talk to the Royal Advisor.
Your Monarch controls the taxes and can raise and lower them to their hearts content. Although raising taxes will cause them to become disliked! Where as lowering taxes will put them in better standing with their people. Taxes can be collected once every Friday from the Royal Advisor.
What is a Monarch without their nobility? Your Monarch can bestow nobility on whoever they deem worthy. Nobles can rise through the ranks from Baron to Count to Marquis through the Get Famous reputation system.
Servants can serve both royals and nobles. With your sim selected, click on them and choose 'Call Upon Servants'. 
They can be put in different roles to best suit your household
Other features
Your Monarchs have a career specific to them, you can find it in the careers box.

There are a few events, such as royal audience, coronation and more.

Inherited traits
Babies will inherit traits from their parents:

Monarch + Royal Partner = Crown Royal
Monarch + Noble = Crown Royal
Crown Royal + Royal Partner = Crown Royal
Crown Royal + Noble = Noble
Noble + Noble = Noble

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Current Patreon Release 2.7.6

Current Public Release 2.7.5 (Laws) 



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